The Top 10 Kitchen Trends Of 2022

The Top 10 Kitchen Trends Of 2022

Another year has come and gone, and we’re looking forward to 2022!

Functionality is the star of the show this year, with an emphasis on storage, organic natural elements. The goal for the new year is making the kitchen work for you, whether that is smart appliances, or added workspace in more places.

Open kitchen with white cabinetry and large gold handles. A dark wood range hood above a stove.

Source: Top Knobs

1. Gold Is Still Shining Bright

Whether it’s gold kitchen hardware, gold lighting, or gold décor, 2022 kitchens are still full of the warm metallic tones. Large pendant lighting, and hardware that makes a statement are very prevalent, and will continue to add colour to kitchens throughout the new year. In the similar family, copper hardware has seen an uptrend, working to compliment gold hardware. Our Style Guide to Copper Hardware walks through the recent trend. Cabinet handles and pulls are a great opportunity to add those trending golds into your space. As well, the classic brushed nickel cabinet hardware is always a popular choice through the years. 

A workstation sink featuring a large basin, and two faucets placed in the middle of the island.

Source: Create Good Sinks

2. Make the most of your stations

Added functionality in every space is the goal for 2022. The kitchen sink is seeing the biggest upgrade, as homeowners are looking for ways to make the space more multi-purpose. Double sinks are becoming a highly desired feature, as it allows for dual purpose of food prep, and dish washing. Workstation sinks typically feature a dual basin sink, with two faucets, and a ledge to hold accessories, such as colanders and drying racks.

The sink is no longer looked at as just a functional space anymore. With farmhouse apron sinks, and various colours of stainless steel, your design no longer needs to be sacrificed for function. 

Upgrading functional hardware is another trend on the rise. While not a visual trend, this hardware elevates your kitchen to function at optimal capacity. With soft-close drawer slides & hinges, your cabinetry will move in silence while avoiding the slamming of doors and glassware. This may end up on the end of a renovator's list as it does not add to the style of the space, however upgrading hardware adds greater quality to your kitchen, and brings added value through the years. 


Light blue cabinetry conceals a hidden pantry unit.

Source: Davenport

3. Customizable Appliances

The past couple years has seen the focus become shifted to more time being spent at home. Homeowners are spending more of their money on their home, as opposed to saving for a big trip. As well with delays on appliances, homeowners are opting to wait for their dream appliance, and making the big investment in those higher ticket appliances to help finish off the space. When it comes to choosing appliances in 2022, there will be a greater focus on customizability, and design features. From seamlessly blending appliances into the cabinetry with matching fronts, to coloured accent appliances, there is more focus on style and custom-built appliances.

Blue and white patterned backsplash in a white kitchen with a large range hood.

Source: Style Me Pretty

4. Make a splash with backsplash

While subway tiles remain a classic choice, there is a shift being seen towards more design centered backsplash. Added texture and dimension are on the rise, as well as using the tiles to add in extra colour to the space. Whether it is an intricate pattern, or a solid colour tile, statement backsplashes are taking over the scene. Bold and eccentric tiles are making their debut, and creating an added pop of design.

Smart fridge with a panel to see into the fridge contents.

Source: The Leslie Style

5. Technology is on the rise

Smart appliances are gaining popularity this year. Added ease and functionality to the kitchen with gadgets that work for you. From fridges with touch screens to more of the kitchen being connected to wi-fi to give more of a hands-off cooking experience. Start the pre-heating before your home, control the lights with a simple demand, or be alerted to your timer from anywhere in the home. We are more connected than ever, and that rings true in the kitchen as well.

Wood round beach inspired table with large light fixture above.

Source: One Coast Design

6. Rounded Accents

Focusing on organic clean lines, rounded the edges of tables and furniture seek to achieve a seamless integration between living spaces, and the kitchen. Comfort is the goal with this style, letting the kitchen become one with the rest of the home. Work on creating a flow between rooms by incorporating similar style of furniture in connecting spaces. A round dining table can match a small round coffee table close by, or perhaps the soft edged dining chairs match some characteristics to your living room seating. Focus on a communication between the furniture to integrate that organic natural harmony that will be achieved throughout the home. 

Mix of wood and white cabinetry in a large open kitchen. Three stools sit at a large island.

Source: Studio McGee

7. Natural Elements

While the dominating colours remain blue and green for kitchens, neutrals and wood finishes will be seeing the same popularity this year.  Playing into the organic style again, there is more demand for wood cabinetry, particularly a white oak. These wood tones are a great option to add more warmth to the kitchen and contribute to that comfortable feeling. An integration back to nature has been seen in a variety of popular styles as of recent. Mid-century modern, coastal design, and farmhouse style all work to incorporate natural materials into their design. 

Walk in pantry with counter tops and a double door white fridge with gold appliance pulls.

Source: Chelsey Freng

8. Functional Walk In Pantries

The way homeowners operate the kitchen has drastically changed since 2020. There was a shift from more homecooked meals, as well as fewer trips to the store. This in turn created more of a demand for storage and workspaces. Functional walk-in pantries offer the solution not only for organized storage, but for added workspace with the addition of small appliances and coffee stations. 

Labeled containers have dominated the Pinterest scene as of late. With highly organized shelves full of clear containers meticulously labeled, and arranged. These pantries are a desired feature of a 2022 kitchen. 

Light green cabinetry in the surrounding kitchen with a wood island in the middle.

Source: Houzz

9. Shades of Green

Named the colour of 2022 by Benjamin Moore and Behr, Green is expected to dominate kitchens this year. Particularly muted shades of green, these compliment the natural tones and wood finishes also expected to remain popular this year. Adding this pop of colour helps to liven up kitchens that can tend to feel a little cold with the stone and stainless-steel appliances. Added warmth and personality to the heart of the home is the goal for the new year.

Natural wood cabinetry with white countertops and room is surrounded in large windows.


10. Let The Light In

Larger windows and skylights are highly desired for 2022, in conjunction with the reconnection to nature, as well as letting the sunlight accent the natural materials of the stone, tile and wood. Add warmth and feel comfortable in your kitchen with lots of light. 

Whether it's new cupboard handles, or a smart fridge, there's lots to say about kitchen hardware trends for 2022. Ready to start your 2022 kitchen style? Let's explore some new hardware for the new year! 


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