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Belwith Keeler Cabinet Hardware


Belwith-Keeler® is a brand refined in elegance, with trend-leading cabinet hardware design, inspired by the latest fashion. Our kitchen and bath hardware collections are refined with expert fit and finish, adding only the finest to our living library of design since 1893.

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Citterio Giulio Cabinet Hardware


CITTERIO GIULIO has been designing and manufacturing furniture handles and knobs for more than 75 years. Since 1945, the entire process has taken place in Italy, in the Renate plant, in the heart of Brianza. Thanks to this long experience, we are now considered a leading company by all the players in the kitchen and bathroom market.

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Emtek Cabinet Hardware


Emtek is dedicated to helping bring your personal style to life. Door hardware is more than a way to open, close, and secure a space. To us, it is an integral part of a room’s design theme. It is an extension of your personal style and we want it to do more than blend in. Door hardware should make a statement, your statement.

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Eureka Cabinet Hardware


Eureka finds its roots and history in the industrious and agricultural Veneto Region of Italy. Today their factories manufacture and export products to more than 40 countries all over the world. As manufacturers of Zamak, extruded or die-cast aluminium and plastic materials, Eureka’s mission is to offer high-quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions to their customers in the furniture industry.

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Hickory Hardware Cabinet Hardware

Hickory Hardware®

Hickory Hardware®, well-known for our decorative hardware designs and a company that's been around for more than 120 years, has been Setting the Trends Since 1893™. As a brand of Belwith Keeler Décor Solutions®, we're an industry-leading company in decorative and functional products. Style, quality, and details are important to us at Hickory. We have in-house designers, master craftsmen, and engineers integrating both design and technology to craft complete home solutions.

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Marathon Cabinet Hardware

Marathon Hardware

Marathon Hardware was founded in Surrey, British Columbia by Ron Olinoski to market fasteners and hardware to the Kitchen Cabinet, Furniture and Millwork industries. In that same year, YC Tools was founded in Mississauga, Ontario by Bruce Davies and Bob Atkinson selling tools and hardware to the same manufacturers of Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture and Millwork.

Check out some ways you can modernize with Marathon Hardware.

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Schaub Cabinet Hardware


Schaub & Company cabinet hardware is created with passion and expert craftsmanship. Every piece is rich in design and details that will make your home truly stand apart. Collections like Symphony are unlike anything else on the market with precious inlays made from the most stunning materials on earth. Explore our full catalogue of cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls to find the touch of decadence you deserve. You will find decorative cabinet hardware in every style, from sleek contemporary to ornate luxury. View by style, collection, or finish to find exactly the right product for you.

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Top Knobs Cabinet Hardware

Top Knobs

Top Knobs was founded in 1994 and began its remarkable climb to leadership in the North American decorative hardware industry. Today Top Knobs is the #1 manufacturer of decorative hardware for the professional market. We have the greatest selection of products, the largest number of showrooms, and the top sales volume. Top Knobs products are prominently displayed in leading kitchen, bath and decorative hardware showrooms in North America.

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Viefe Cabinet Hardware


We are a way of understanding decoration and the difference that accessories can bring. Behind Viefe® there is a long process of creation which starts when the design team projects their initial idea and it ends the moment the knob, handle or wall hook is installed in its final surroundings.

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