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What is kitchen jewelry? Well, for most of us ladies we can relate to this as details that can aesthetically appeal to the eye. A fun yet beautiful detail that can uplift your kitchen area. In this blog, we will explore kitchen hardware that can just pop your kitchen in beautiful ways.

Source: Inspire Me! Home Decor 

Faucets - Finishes and Collection 

Now, who said that the only jewelry in your kitchen can be pulls and knobs. Let’s explore the beautiful finishes that you can find with these beautiful faucets from Pearl that can be matched with other kitchen hardware. With Pearl you can choose from Chrome, Ferreira Gold, Brushed Nickel and Matte Black.

With a broad range of collections to choose from; the features, that you can find with Pearl faucets are the following:

  • Intuitive single-handle 
  • lever e-ControlTM forward lever system 
  • Flexible pull-down spout 
  • Integrated dual variable spray 
  • Swivel deck design 
  • Rust-proof internals 
  • Ceramic cartridge

When it comes to faucets you have a broad selection to choose from to name a few: Lennox, Damien, Sofi, Empire, Harlow, Leon and the Spring Spout; with its great quality features you cannot go wrong with a Pearl faucet to add bedazzle to your kitchen. 

To browse the different Pearl collections available to you, you can visit Handles and More sink and faucet category. To explore further collections enjoy this clip on the two-tone designer kitchen faucet by Pearl. 

Source: Pearl

Sinks - Finishes and Collection 

Source: Pearl

With our Pearl collection, we are sure you are to fall in love with your kitchen space all over again. We want to help you make the space where you prepare your family's home made meals a special place to be at while you prepare your favorite foods. Below is a list of collections available to meet your preference of kitchen jewelry.

Apron selections can be found in the Kingston or Keshi collections in either ceramic or stainless steel. If you're leaning towards a modern style sink, try the Vertu Collection where the material is one of a kind in NuGranite Polymer material construction and the finishes are unbelievably unique from: Smokey Grey, Graphite, Chocolate and black, the finishes are shown below. 

Now, what is fun about this collection is how many different models are available. Whether you are looking for a single bowl, a double, a double offset bowl granite kitchen sink 

Now, if you are really looking to jewel up your kitchen space and take it to the next level with a gold brass finish, I introduce you to the Nala Collection. This particular collection is one of its kind with its beautiful champagne gold finish with undermount single or double sink bowls. With its Type 304 and surgical grade stainless steel; this is considered the safest steel on the market. It also includes a stainless steel strainer and custom sink grids all in a sweet champagne gold finish. Below are the sinks of this beautiful collection available by Nala.

Another similar collection is the Gotham collection with a Lupo Grey and stainless steel material.

Mesmerizing Hardware or Kitchen Jewelry! 

Whichever way you wish to look at it, these products can bring an uplifting aesthetic to compliment your kitchen space and add ease and efficiency to your daily kitchen duties. Enjoy these wonderful kitchen products that can be found at Handles and More


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