Transform Your Home: Easy DIY Cabinet Hardware Upgrades

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Revamping your kitchen doesn't always require a full remodel. DIY Upgrades can make a huge impact in your space.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinet hardware is a cost-effective way to enhance both the aesthetics, and functionality of your space. We're going to be reviewing a variety of DIY upgrades from our DIY Hardware Center that you can install in your kitchen to improve cabinet storage, organization, and kitchen functionality. These products are designed for anyone of any skill to be able to install and use only 4-6 screws. These products are easy upgrades that make a huge difference in your kitchen organization solutions.

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Improving Cabinet Storage

Wire Cookware Lid Pullout

Storing cookware lids can be one of the biggest hassles in kitchen organization, often leading to a cluttered mess in your cabinets. The struggle to find the right lid is no longer an issue with the Wire Cookware Lid Pullout. An excellent solution to storage and functionality, this hardware upgrade is an easy install that makes a huge difference. 


  • Space-Saving: Free up shelf space by using vertical storage inside your cabinet.
  • Easy Access: Keeps lids easy to grab, and put away.
  • Easy to Install: This organizer easily installs with just four screws to the bottom of the cabinet or fixed shelf. 


Wire rack cabinet hardware with organized pot lids

Source: Hardware Resources

Product Featured: Wire Cookware Lid Pullout

Wood Rollout Cookware Drawer

Improve storage and clean up those hard-to-reach areas in your deep cabinets with a wood rollout drawer. The perfect addition to your kitchen for those hard-to-reach pots and pans, this upgrade makes the entire cabinet space more accessible. Available in a variety of sizes, as well as in a single or double drawer option


  • Enhanced Accessibility: Pull the entire contents of your cabinet forward in an easy-to-reach solution.
  • Organized Storage: Prevents awkward stacking by providing ample space for neatly organized cookware. 


Cabinet pullout hardware with organized cookware

Source: Hardware Resources

Product Featured: Wood Double Drawer Cookware Rollout

Organizing Your Kitchen

The Spice of Life, Spice Rack Storage

Spice organization is essential in every kitchen, it can get quickly out of hand with so many little jars to try and keep in one place. Choosing the right spice rack can greatly benefit your kitchen organization. There are more options than ever for your spice storage, whether it's mounted on the door, on a shelf, or a whole pullout, we have a solution for your unique kitchen.

Door Mount Spice Rack

Don't sacrifice shelf space to make room for your spices, and keep them in an easy-to-reach spot with the door mount spice rack. Easy installation with just four screws, this spice rack will fit a variety of cabinet door sizes. A birch wood frame blends perfectly with cabinetry, while a metal rack securely holds your spices.


  • Space Optimization: Utilizes the often overlooked space on the inside of cabinet doors. 
  • Easy Access: Keeps all your spices in one easy-to-reach place. 


Door mounted spice rack with neatly organized spice jars

Source: Hardware Resources

Product Featured: Wood Door Mount Spice Rack

Spice Tray Drawer Insert

Keep spices in one easy-to-grab spot with the Spice Tray Drawer Insert. The drop-in design of this hardware allows you to place it in a drawer without any installation, meaning easy take out as well without damaging your cabinetry. The birch wood not only makes for a stylish option but allows for flexibility as it can be cut down to fit your drawer size. 


  • Easily Adaptable: The storage options don't stop at the kitchen, this hardware is perfect for a vanity or bathroom storage as well. 
  • Modern Design: Keeps spices looking nice. No more mess of bottles on a cabinet shelf.


Drawer insert spice rack with spices laying neatly on shelves

Source: Hardware Resources

Product Featured: Spice Tray Drawer Insert

Utensil Drawer Insert

Keeping your kitchen utensils organized is a must-have for any kitchen remodel, and the utensil drawer insert is the perfect solution. This kitchen upgrade is the answer to what is arguably the "chaos" of the kitchen. Neatly arrange your utensils and avoid the daunting feeling when reaching for your spatula. This style of hardware isn't just for utensils, keep knives organized as well with our Knife Block Drawer Insert.


  • Efficiency: No more digging through piles of kitchen gear, make it easy to find the right utensil the first time. 
  • Tidy Drawers: Keep utensils from shifting and sliding by giving them a neatly separated solution.


Utensils neatly organized in cabinet drawer

Source: Hardware Resources

Product Featured: Angled Utensil Drawer Insert

Enhancing Functionality

Wooden Bottom Mount Waste Bin Pullout

Keep your kitchen clutter-free and smell-free with the Wooden Bottom Mount Waste Bin Pullout. Hide unsightly trash with a streamlined look, without compromising accessibility. Designed to hold two bins, this hardware can also double as a recycling bin storage as well. 


  • Hidden Storage: Keep trash out of sight, and minimize clutter.
  • Convenience: Easy to remove trash can for emptying.


Cabinet hardware with trash can and recycling bin

Source: Hardware Resources

Product Featured: Wooden Bottom Mount Waste Bin Pullout

Soft-Close Hinges

Upgrading your hinges might seem like a small change, but this upgrade can make a big difference. Prevent slamming, reduce noise, and increase your cabinet's longevity by reducing wear. 


  • Noise Reduction: Just got the baby to bed and want to grab a glass of water? Don't risk a cupboard door slam derailing your hard work. 
  • Longevity: Reduces wear and tear on your cabinetry, and extends its lifespan. 


Two soft close hinges with their hinge plates

Product Featured: Blum-C Top-110° Hinge-Soft Close-Full Overlay-Toolless Install-(2 Pk)


Upgrading your kitchen cabinet hardware through our DIY Hardware Center is a great way to enhance your kitchen's storage, organization, and functionality. These products are designed to be installed with minimum tools and knowledge of cabinetry. Follow the measuring instructions on our website, order the product that fits, and install it into existing cabinets typically using only 4–6 screws. With easy installation and a range of products designed to suit every need, you can transform your kitchen quickly and effortlessly, enjoying a space that is both beautiful and practical.


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