Top 5 Bath Hardware Trends of 2024

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Top 5 Bath Hardware Trends of 2024

Elevate your bathroom style with the latest colours, styles, and more with the latest trends in bathroom hardware.

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While the bathroom may be an often overlooked space for renovation and style upgrade, it shouldn't be so quickly dismissed. No longer is it just a functional space, but needs to be viewed as a space for relaxation, unwinding, and personal care. As we take a look into the trends that are emerging in 2024 for the bathroom, we look towards trends that are reflective of this shift towards aesthetics, innovation, and sustainability. We're here to guide you when deciding how to choose bathroom hardware in 2024.

Here's a look into the top 5 bath hardware trends in 2024 to step up your bathroom design.

1. Matte Black Everything

Dominating not only in kitchen cabinet hardware but also in bathroom hardware, matte black is a bold, sophisticated look for modern bathroom hardware trends. Complimentary to a wide array of styles, from modern, to industrial, or farmhouse, this colour suits each style in its unique way. Creating a striking contrast against light-coloured tiles and bath fixtures, matte black hardware quickly turns into the focal point of the bathroom. We predict matte black finishes will dominate the bathroom hardware trends for some time to come. 

Popular Applications for Matte Black Hardware:

  • Bathroom Cabinet Hardware: a bold matte black handle or knob makes the perfect statement piece that is complimentary to any cabinet colour. 
  • Towel Bars and Tissue Holders: Match your cabinet hardware to your bath hardware adds consistency and style throughout your space. 
  • Mirrors: Round, oval, or square, a stylish mirror pulls together your design as a great final touch. 

Farmhouse bathroom with blue cabinets, matte black hardware, and a large round mirror.

Source: Top Knobs

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2. Brushed Brass and Gold Shine Bright 

Another finish that has reigned supreme for the past few years is gold bathroom hardware, and we expect this trend to keep on the rise. In contrast to the matte black which added a strong statement to the space, gold finishes add a soft and subtle warmth and luxury to the room. Paired beautifully with natural materials such as marble and wood, these pairs create a timeless and elegant look. The subtle sheen of gold is an ideal choice for those seeking understated opulence in their bathroom decor. 

Popular Applications for Gold Hardware:

  • Cabinet Hardware: Enhance the elegant feel of your bathroom with handles and knobs that match that feel. 
  • Mirrors and Lighting: Gold-framed mirrors are a popular choice for 2024. Paired with matching light fixtures is an easy upgrade to any bathroom. 
  • Faucets and Fixtures: Gold faucets paired with similar toned bath hardware fixtures are a luxurious and sophisticated touch. 

Bathroom with rustic blue cabinets and gold hardware.

Source: Top Knobs

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3. Mixed Metals

Allowing for a more personalized and eclectic feel, mixed metals are a great option for those who cannot quite decide on one finish. Combining different finishes such as brushed nickel, chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware can add depth and creativity to your bathroom style. The finishes can be mixed amongst all fixtures, such as bathroom faucets, towel rings, and bath hooks as an added accessory to compliment your designs.  Finding complimentary hardware that matches ensures that your fixtures work in harmony with all other elements in the room. 

Popular Applications for Mixed Metals:

Bright white bathroom while free standing tub and couple sinks.

Source: Pearl

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4. Smart Technology

When looking at what's trending for bathrooms, a popular choice has been towards innovative bathroom hardware designs for 2024. We've seen an uprise in smart technology in the everyday home in recent years. What was once thought to be a luxury only for a select few, has now become an accessible option to have in the average home.

Adding smart appliances and fixtures that not only look stylish but help add function to the space creates a bathroom that is stylish and high-tech. As seen primarily in the living spaces and kitchens, these advances have become increasingly prevalent in smart bathroom technology. 

Popular Applications for Smart Technology:

  • LED Mirrors: Illuminate your bathroom with a soft glow from your mirror. A calming luminous glow can create that spa-like feel at home. 
  • Touchless Faucets: Ideal for busy households, this creates an easy option for on-the-go families. 
  • Smart Showers: Whether you need to control water flow, temperature, music, or lighting, smart showers are an integrated and intelligent way to add smart tech to your bathroom. 

LED mirror sits above a bathroom sink

Source: Pearl

Product Featured: Lauren LED Mirror

5. Minimalism and Sleek Designs

A shift towards minimalism has been a popular way of design for many spaces and the bathroom is no exception. Hardware that is sleek and simple is heavily favoured among minimalists. Clean lines and minimal designs are favoured in minimalist bathroom fixtures to help create a serene and uncluttered feel. This trend is perfect for creating a bathroom fit to unwind and relax in. This design style is a great way to put functionality first without compromising design. 

Popular Application for Minimalism Bathroom Design:

  • Sleek Cabinet Hardware: Low-profile pulls and knobs are preferred for this style. Edge pulls are a great option for keeping that unobtrusive design.
  • Cabinet Storage: Keeping counters tidy and free of clutter is key to the minimalist design. Hide away any unnecessary bathroom mess.


Green bathroom with wood cabinets and knurled cabinet pulls

Source: Top Knobs

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We're Here to Help

When thinking of renovating and upgrading your bathroom you want to make sure you have the best bathroom hardware for 2024. Whether you implement some of these bathroom design trends or all, Handles & More is here to provide you with the best stylish bathroom fixtures, contemporary bathroom hardware, and all your bathroom renovation trends. Browse our website or visit us in-store and get started on transforming your bathroom into a space you want to spend time in. 


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