Style Guide: Modern Farmhouse

Style Guide: Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse style has taken over the home décor scene.

With Pinterest readily available to show the never-ending inspiration of dreamy bright white kitchens, ship-lapped walls, and country-inspired furniture, it is no surprise that this is a sought-after style. Warm, practical, and cosy mixed with the sophistication of modern style, a modern farmhouse is a happy place of comfort and trend. It is a melding of the old and new, inviting yet stylish.Wood farmhouse style table with white chairs, and a variety of decor placed down the middle of table

Incorporating Modern Farmhouse

Leaning into the modern aspect, and a bit away from the rustic features of a traditional farmhouse, we see less clutter with modernity. It is comfortable with sophistication. Common features found in the modern farmhouse style include reclaimed wood accents, barn doors, comfortable neutral furniture, exposed beams, and touches of vintage country.

  • Colour is a key player in achieving this style. Playing within the neutrals, a base of whites, creams & greys dominates the colour palette. From this base is where we begin to layer in the natural elements of wood and greenery to break up the monochrome. Black accents can help to break up the area and add in some contrast as well.
  • Mixing textiles, and materials helps to complete the space. Mixed metals, woods, and fabrics bring depth into the space. This can be achieved through textured fabrics, metal décor pieces, lights and hardware, and wood furniture.
  • As for accessories, there should be a variety, but not cluttered. Thought out, well-placed accents are perfect for adding to the cosiness of the farmhouse, while still appealing to the modernity of this style.
Farmhouse Fireplace

Modern Farmhouse Hardware

Much like a modern farmhouse, the transitional style brings in the clean lines and sleek design of modern and mixes the classic detailing and accents of traditional. A balance of the two styles of transitional hardware is an easy choice to complement your modern farmhouse.

Our choices for Transitional Hardware:

Source: Top Knobs

Interested in exploring modern farmhouse hardware further? Let us help you find the right options for your space! Browse our selection of transitional hardware to match your modern farmhouse.

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