Blum - 100° Hinge - Self-Closing

Blum - CLIP Top - 100° Hinge - Self-Closing - Inset - Knock-in (with Dowel) Install BL71M2780
Article number: BL71M2780
Manufacturer SKU 71M2780
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For a more affordable european hinge or for those specific angles needed, the Blum 100° Inset Hinge is the inset application for any 90° cabinet with flush cabinet doors allowing you to keep the sleek, minimal and modern look in your kitchen. The Blum CLIP Top functionality makes installing these hinges easier than ever, they simply clip onto the mounting plate and your cabinet doors are attached! Their self closing gets the job done and is reliable like any other Blum hinge. These knock-in hinges use 8 mm dowels that you simply "knock" into your cabinet door, an easy alternative for the toolless feature.


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