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Blum - CLIP Cruciform - One-Piece Mounting Plate

Blum - CLIP Cruciform - One-Piece Mounting Plate - 0 mm - Expansion Dowel install BL174E610001
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The Blum CLIP mounting plate technology makes attaching or removing your cabinet doors easier than ever! The Blum CLIP Top hinges simply clip on and off of the mounting plate. The one piece mounting plates are best for a DIY-er home reno project or a quick fix. It has no cam adjustment, so you install it and attach the hinge and can walk away. The 0 mm plate height is for standard 5/8 in cabinet box material. When a drill isn't close at hand, the expansion dowel mounting plates are a go-to. All you need is a screw driver and pre-drilled holes and the dowel expands in the holes as you tighten the screw into it. No power tools needed. Ask us about Onyx Black Hinge options!


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