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Fall in Love with Copper Cabinet Hardware

Fall in Love with Copper Cabinet Hardware While the leaves are changing, and those rich autumnal colours are soon to be found all around, we are turning our attention to those same stunning colours found in decorative hardware. Rich in tones, and complimentary with most cabinet colours, copper finish hardware makes a statement this fall season.

Exploring Coastal Design with Emtek Cabinet Hardware

Exploring Coastal Design with Emtek Cabinet Hardware When you hear coastal interior design, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it ship anchors and seashell shaped bathroom fixtures? While the name may hint towards this type of décor, it has seen a different revival in recent years, and has taken a toned-down, modern approach with a few common elements from its predecessor.

Style Guide: Mid-Century Modern

Style Guide: Mid-Century Modern Characterized by the styles made popular from the 1930s to mid-1960s with an influence from World War II, mid-century modern is still popular today. Seeing a revival in recent years, this style is complementary to the minimalist and natural style sought after today but adds a twist of geometric shapes, splashes of colour, and rich textured fabrics.

Style Guide: Modern Farmhouse

Style Guide: Modern Farmhouse Modern Farmhouse style has taken over the home décor scene. With Pinterest readily available to show the never-ending inspiration of dreamy bright white kitchens, ship-lapped walls, and country-inspired furniture, it is no surprise that this is a sought-after style. Warm, practical, and cozy mixed with the sophistication of modern style, a modern farmhouse is a happy place of comfort and trend. It is a melding of the old and new, inviting yet stylish.